Beersbee Volley Day

Beersbee Volley Day is a one-day volleyball tourney and beersbee tourney taking place simultaneously at the same park in one big party.  Teams can play in either one or both.  Both tourneys feature teams of coed pairs of two.  The volley tourney features both games of 4s and games of 2s.  The beersbee tourney stays in 2s, rotating against different foes in a fun round robin format.  What is beersbee, you ask?  It’s a fantastic lawn game featuring teams of two, a frisbee, a couple poles and a couple empty duct-taped bottles.  The bottles sit atop the poles and are the targets of the frisbee tosses.  Each team stands behind its pole and has to catch the opposing team’s frisbee tosses- and if the frisbee hits the pole or bottle- catch the bottle as well.  Points are scored when either the frisbee or the bottle hits the ground.  If the frisbee strikes the bottle/pole but the defensive team catches both the frisbee and the bottle, no points are scored.  However, the defensive team can only use one hand/person, no two-handed catches allowed.  Focus, agility, excitement, teamwork.  Beautiful game.  And works well alongside a volley tourney!

Beersbee Volley Day details:

  • One-day event
  • Date for the next Beersbee Volley Day is TBD
  • Observatory Park in Denver (map)
  • Both tourneys are coed teams of two
  • Sign up for the beersbee tourney or the volley tourney or both (the dropdown box will give you all 3 options)
  • There’s no extra charge to play in both tourneys; if you play both, you just won’t have breaks between games, you’ll go back & forth- volley game, beersbee game, etc
  • Team uniforms strongly encouraged
  • Both pairs of champs will drink from the Champions Cup
  • Cost: $40/team or $20/individual
  • You can sign up as a team or as an individual looking to join a team
  • Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask: email
  • Registration is first come first serve, so hop on board quickly before we fill up!