Details for Spring Pentath-a-Lawn:

  • Saturday in Spring 2018, date TBD, time 12:00pm-4:00pm
  • Washington Park, Denver (Virginia & Humboldt)
  • Coed teams of 4 (2 male, 2 female)
  • All teams compete in all 6 events, which may include bocce, bags, beersbee, badminton, volleyball, bucket ball, horseshoes, croquet, kubb & tug-of-war
  • All teams in uniform/costume
  • Prizes to the best-dressed team; the Champions of the Lawn drink from the Cup
  • Adult beverages included (all participants must show proper ID at check-in)
  • Cost: $138/team or $35/person
  • You can sign up as a full team, as an individual looking to join a team or as an individual requesting to play with a buddy and join a team together

So prepare yourself for a spectacular day of outdoor leisure & partying, ridiculous costumes & camaraderie!


The 12th Six Pack Sports Pentath-a-Lawn will take place in Spring 2018 in Denver. Gonna be another wonderful display of team costumes, lawn sports and tomfoolery!

What is the Pentath-a-Lawn? The Pentath-a-Lawn is a spectacular one-day leisure olympiad- which used to be held once a year each fall and is now twice a year. Both the Spring Pentath-a-Lawn and Fall Pentath-a-Lawn focus on the appreciation for lawn games in an afternoon of fun, leisure, camaraderie and park party joy. Coed teams of four will compete in 6-7 (up from 5 but we’re keeping the “Pent” in the name) wonderful lawn events.  The Spring event features bocce, bags, beersbee, volleyball, bucket beirut and tug-of-war.  The Fall event features bocce, bags, beersbee, badminton, croquet, horseshoes & kubb. All participants must be at least 21 years of age and show proper ID at check-in as beverages are always on hand to oversee the operation. Team uniforms/costumes are required and prizes are awarded to the team with the most spectacular uniforms. Both olympiads take place at Denver’s Wash Park. For a glimpse of the ballyhoo, check out some Pentath-a-Lawn highlights! The Pentath-a-Lawn is for dressing up in ridiculous get-ups, making some new buds, sharing laughs with old buds and enjoying lawn games and camaraderie in the park- does it get better than that?