Pound & Round

The 11th summer season of 6PS Pound & Round gets underway June 9th!

Pound & Round is our alternative-style summer softball league. This league takes place on Sunday afternoons at Robinson Park in Denver. It is likely that you’ve played in adult softball leagues before. It is also likely that you’ve played wiffleball before with a few beverages and buddies. It is not likely that you’ve combined the two quite like this. At Six Pack Sports, we play an extraordinary style of softball that makes your playing & socializing experience as fun as possible. Here’s a quick breakdown of our unique rules:

We play coed teams, with a minimum of 5 guys & 5 girls a side (there is no maximum number of players). It’s a BYOB league, cans only. The combination of softball and wiffleball lies in the fact that we play with many of the standard softball rules (3 outs per inning, 10 fielders, etc) but we play with wiffleball bats & tennis balls. Four of the infielders are permitted gloves, but outfielders are not. And batters have the option of hitting from the pitcher OR from the tee. ¬†And we add a Six Pack twist: your cooler of beverages will await you at first base… Should you reach first base safely, you will have the option of grabbing a new beverage from your first base coach. If you score a run with can in hand, the run is worth double, BUT the can must be empty before touching home plate… if it’s not, the run does not count at all, so plan accordingly.

Sounds great! What are the details for the 2019 season?

        • Sunday afternoons, starting June 9th, game times either 4:30 or 5:45pm
        • Game days: 6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30, 7/14, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18 (7/7 is our bye week)
        • Robinson Park in Denver
        • Minimum of 11 players per team (at least 5 male & 5 female), no maximum
        • 9 games plus midseason all-star game/homerun derby party
        • End-of-season awards¬†party
        • Cost: $720/team or $72/person
        • You can sign up as a full team, as an individual looking to join a team or as an individual requesting to play with a few friends and join a team together
        • Registration is first come first serve


Pound & Round Highlight Show: