About Us

Six Pack Sports is an innovative, year-round sports league, based out of Denver & Boulder, Colorado, focusing on building community through inclusive recreation and camaraderie.  Now in its 16th great year, 6PS offers multiple sports and events, including our alternative-style softball, flag football, broomball, volleyball, bowling, shuffleboard, bocce, curling, zorb soccer, the Pentath-a-Lawn, the Relay Classic, the Kickball Classic, the Olympics, the Six Pack Open (golf) and more!  Our league offers unique sports that are designed to produce the most fun possible, often doing so by taking classic “serious” sports and adding a comic twist and inclusivity: hockey with sneakers instead of skates, softball with two-point runs, barehanded outfielders and the option to hit off a tee, etc.

In addition to focusing on social fun with all-coed, unique sports, Six Pack Sports distinguishes itself from other sports leagues in four primary ways:

  • Our organization centers around you the player and how to make your experience as comfortable, fun and rewarding as possible.  While maintaining very organized leagues and events and preserving the competitive spirit, we create a culture of camaraderie, inclusion and friendship instead of intensity and contention, characteristics unfortunately common with other adult sports organizations.
  • We host annual fundraisers for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, including our Million Vertical Feet & Incline Fundraiser events, which provide underprivileged kids in the BBBSC community with incredible experiences on the slopes and adventure courses.  Many of our 6PS players are Bigs in the BBBSC program and our wonderful partnership is now seven years strong.
  • We host an awards party at the end of the season.  The end-of-season parties provide great opportunities to come together with new friends & old friends for a fun conclusion to an exciting season.

Our goal at Six Pack Sports is to serve you by making your sporting experience as enjoyable and interactive as possible, so let us know if you have any comments or questions.  If you haven’t done so already, hop on board and join a league or event either with a full team, with a couple friends or as an individual.  Six Pack Sports offers an ideal opportunity to be active, play unique sports, give back, meet new people & expand your community!

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