Million Vertical Feet


The 2024 MVF will take place on March 12th at Keystone.

If you’re interested in donating to the MVF mission, click here.

If you’re interested in becoming a skier/fundraiser, send an email to Commish at [email protected].  Thanks!

What is MVF?

6PS Million Vertical Feet is an every-other-year fundraising event that Six Pack Sports hosts for the purposes of conquering an amazing endurance challenge and raising funds for the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado Sports Buddies Ski Day tradition- in which underprivileged kids in the BBBSC program get to enjoy an unforgettable day of skiing/snowboarding each spring.  The 6PS skiers/snowboarders on the MVF team raise funds leading up to each challenge- and have raised over $64,700 between the 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022 MVF challenges.  The funds raised directly cover the Sports Buddies Ski Days- including transportation, lift tickets, lunch, rental equipment and ski lessons for over 210 BBBSC kids so far.  The BBBSC Sports Buddies program provides matches (the mentor- known as the Big- and the youth- known as the Little) with the opportunity to enjoy fun and engaging sports and activities- and we’re thrilled to have skiing/snowboarding included in that wonderful collection.  And some of these BBBSC mentors (Bigs) are skiers on the MVF team; it’s a true team effort.

So what exactly is our MVF challenge?  It’s an endurance ski day in which each skier/snowboarded accumulates over 100,000 vertical feet, looping run after run for 12 hours straight, raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters along the way.  In 2013, the 10 skiers/boarders accomplished the goal of collectively skiing one million vertical feet.  In 2015, the team doubled in size to 20 skiers/boarders and accomplished the new goal of two million vertical feet.  In 2017, the team of 20 again accomplished the goal, eclipsing the two million by conquering 2,120,000 vertical feet.  In one day.  In 2019, the team of 14 yet again accomplished the goal- and raised over $6,000 for BBBS.  And in 2022, the team of 23 raised over $14,000 more and skied first to last chair again, despite losing the night skiing to new hours.

9News covered our 2015 event, our 2017 event, and our 2022 event, check it out.

6PS is honored to have such wonderful partnerships with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado and Echo Mountain; we’re thrilled to see the kids enjoy the BBBS Ski Day at Echo each spring.  We’re 5 for 5 on successful MVF fundraising endurance days and 10 for 10 on successful BBBS Ski Days thus far.  And we’ll keep the wonderful tradition alive with our next Million Vertical Feet this March followed by our next BBBS Ski Day this April!