Six Pack Sports curling features a combination of the beautiful international game of curling and the casual camaraderie style of 6PS. Curious as to how the combo would work out, we tried our first 6PS curling season to great success. Coed teams of 4+ compete in league play, complete with stones, houses and brooms. Whether you’ve played before or have no idea how to play, come join us for the fun! We’ll teach newcomers how to play. Games will be one-hour long each week; we’ll attempt to complete all ten ends (similar to innings) in that time, with 4 players per team sliding a stone each end while teammates serve as sweepers. After all 8 stones have been sent, whichever team is closest to the center of the house will earn the point (or multiple points). The team that scores in an end will lead off the next end, giving the other team the “hammer.” We’ll go over all rules and regulations at opening night, so if you’re not sure what’s going on but you’re excited nonetheless, we’ll catch you up to speed, no worries.

Sounds phenomenal! What are the details for the next curling season?

  • The date for the next 6PS Curling is TBD, details to come, stay tuned
  • When registration opens, you’ll be able to register either as a full team, as an individual looking to join a team or with a couple buddies looking to join a team together